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Here are some facts if you think you need a workers comp attorney Atlanta GA.

According to recent statistics from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health as well as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workplace injury in the United States accounts for about 15 lives every day. In addition to that, about 200 more workers get hospitalized for injuries sustained on the job and the numbers are not only alarmingly high but also seem to be on the increase.

Workers Compensation Lawyer In Atlanta GAIt is indeed common knowledge that regardless of the safety precautions taken by employers, on-the-job injuries are simply inevitable.  Even the best regulated workplaces have had their fair share of the story.  If you are residing in Atlanta, Georgia and are wondering how to proceed in the unfortunate event of an on-the-job injury, this article could not have arrived at a better time.  Read on to find out what your chances are in the event of an on-the-job injury and the role played by a workers comp lawyer.

Common causes

The most common source of work-related injuries is repetitive movements for an extended period of time which results in physical stress of one’s legs and coupled with an impaired mental concentration, the individual may either collapse or get their hands and body onto a dangerous or moving part of heavy machinery.

Aside from this, on-the-job injuries may also be a direct consequence of faulty machinery and equipment as well as premises liability accidents such as injuries due to spillage exposure to toxic substances.

Nature of the Injuries

Injuries at workplaces take so many forms. They could either be in the form of cuts and lacerations, burns, bone fractures and dislocations or bruises and contusions.

A worker may also suffer electrical injuries, sprains and strains, back and spinal injuries as well as carpal tunnel. In the worst case scenario, we could be talking of amputations, traumatic brain injuries or perhaps even permanent brain damage.

Occupations Most Prone To On-the-job Injuries

There are certain occupations that have been identified as having the highest rates of work-related injuries. Some of them include; Construction workers, Bus, Taxi and Truck drivers, Electricians and Firefighters, Dental hygienists as well as Nurses, Orderlies and Nursing aides, Janitors and maids, Food servers and Salespeople especially those who offer sales work on the go.

It is not our duty to advise against taking up positions in this place but rather to enlighten you on what you need to do in the event you become a victim of these unfortunate happenings. Ideally, you will have to exercise caution at a personal level.  When matters come to a head [as they will always do from time to time], your chances of winning any litigation thereof relies on the urgency with which you report the case and the accuracy with which you can reenact the events.

What To Do In The Event Of An Injury

Having settled with the simple fact that injuries at work places will happen on a long enough timeline, the next thing is to know how the claims can be handled in the best way possible so atlanta workers comp attorneythat your interests are taken care of. The following is what you should do in the event of a work-related injury;.

> Report the incident immediately

Ideally, the first person to report to would be your employer. However, you may have apprehensions about having the case compromised.  Should you find yourself in this situation, you could go a step further by reporting to the police, or to the relevant labor union.  The Atlanta Department of Labor is an example. The goal here is to make the case as formal as possible.

It is also important that as you seek medical attention.  You should let your physician know that the injury is job-related so that they can incorporate that when constructing your medical case.  Remember to be exact about the pain you are feeling.  This may help not only enhance your recovery process but also increase your chances of being awarded damages. Should there be any subsequent appointments or treatment options, honor them too.

> Work together with your insurance adjuster

It is very important to let your insurance adjuster know about the sequence of events leading up to the injury.  This will ensure you record a statement with them in that regard.

> Consult an attorney

Lastly, and most importantly, you will need to consult with your workers comp attorney. It is the attorney that will argue your case and never forget that in these scenarios, finding culpability on the employer may not be easy so you need a professional expert to help you with this.

When consulting a workers comp lawyer, be as truthful and objective as possible.  Tell the truth.  Even if it means culpability will be found to be on your part. Remember these are experienced professionals.  Regardless who was in the wrong, they may still argue your case and ensure your employer compensates you for the damages suffered or your insurer indemnifies you for the risk incurred.

Atlanta Workers Comp Lawyer

Why You Should Choose A workers comp attorney Atlanta GA In The Event Of A Job-related Accident

Like is the case with any other legal battles, attorneys help us a great deal by transacting the business involved in the litigations.  Some of the main reasons why you should always seek the intervention of a work injury attorney are the following;.

> They will help you fight for your rights, especially where your employer threatens a legal battle.

> They will use their professional expertise to ensure that you are awarded damages for the injuries


What are your chances of winning a legal battle in the event of a work-related injury?  That would depend on whether or not you involve a work injury attorney.  Contact the best Atlanta workers comp attorney today.  We will help you find out what your chances are for you as well as your loved ones.



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