Some of the most common injuries for electrical contractors are to certain areas of the body.  They are the back, hands fingers, and knees. There are certain things that an electrical related professional can do on the job that can result in discomfort and issues in these areas of their body.  Here are some of the factors that can cause pain.   Working in very hot or cold temperatures, staying in the exact same position for long periods of time, holding vibrating tools, consistent pressure on the body from a hard surface, consistent twisting, reaching and stooping and using force on your body to perform any job.

An electrical expert should perform stretching exercises before going to work.  This will ease all of the tension on their body and muscles. If you have constant pain or pain while performing the job, you will need to stop and change the way that you work.  You may even need to reevaluate the tools you are using.  That could make a difference.

Tips for electricians to avoid injuryIf you are experiencing pain due to any of the reasons that are mentioned above, let your manager know right away. Follow the company’s injury procedure. Try and identify exactly what is causing the issue.  Think of ways to minimize the risk to keep it from happening again. Make an effort to discover better and various methods of doing the job. If you don’t, your symptoms might get much worse over time.  This may cut down on the work you are able to do.  Help yourself. This is important to keep your job and to keep those paychecks coming in.

An electrical contractor should attempt to use safe work practices while getting the job done. Whenever possible it is best to utilize hand tools and power tools to do the job. Hold your tools close to your body to avoid fatigue and to make the job easier.  Work smarter, not harder.

An electrical contractor has to flex and contort constantly when doing their job. To make the job easier on yourself use a tool belt and just bring all of the tools that you will need to do for each task.

Wear the essential items to on the job. Gloves, knee pads and the correct eyewear will help immensely..


You can eliminate discomfort or pain while performing your day-to-day electrical work. An electrical contractor should be mindful and use safe work practices while carrying out the job. Whenever possible it is best to use top flight hand and power tools to do the task. Hold your tools close to your body to avoid fatigue and to make the job easier. To make the work easier on yourself, wear a tool belt and only carry the tools that you need to do for each work task.

You should avoid injuries by adhering to the company policies.  If by chance you are injured anyway, give us a call at(404) 973-2455 so we can discuss your situation.