Out of all the questions we get about personal injury cases.  There is one in particular that stands above all of the rest.

In regards to my Personal Injury Case Settlement – How Long?

Personal Injury Case Settlement AtlantaThis depends on the type of settlement you are looking for.  Usually insurance companies want to hold on to their money, so they will usually give you a lowball offer within the first few weeks or months of the car accident. If you want to accept their offer, you can get that money pretty quickly, usually within a matter of weeks. If you desire the most ideal settlement possible, there is a process in order to get this.

The insurance company will wish to review all of the health care reports to determine the extent of the injury, and to also determine if the injuries can not be fixed with medicine or surgery. So in other words, what is the maximum medical improvement. This can take months. or perhaps even years. Usually this will take months. They will also want to review all of the bills and expenses, so this may take a month or so.

The most ideal settlement will take roughly a year after achieving maximum medical improvement. One tactic to use when dealing with the car insurance company is to basically “walk away” from the negotiation. Just say, “I do not accept your offer, and I am taking this to trial. The insurance providers definitely do not want to go to trial, so they will usually raise their offer substantially.

I have seen a client that was offered $4000 for a settlement. The client did not agree to that, so they walked away and prepared for trial. A month before the trial was to begin, the insurance company came back with another offer …$ 15,000. The car insurance company did not really want to go to trial, as it probably would have cost them more, so they raised their offer.

That is a lot better than the original $4000 offer!


personal injury attorney alpharettaObviously we can not guarantee this amount will be granted in your case, or that “walking away” will let you quadruple the original offer, but it may be in you best interest to apply this tactic if the circumstances are right.

Once again, the settlement process can take anywhere from a few of weeks to a couple of years, but if you are more than willing to invest the time to get a healthier settlement, by all means contact us, because we are an Personal injury attorney in Atlanta, and we will help you with your case.

So when you are wondering about your Personal Injury Case Settlement – How Long?  We can give you more clarity on the situation.

We are willing to take your case to trial if it comes to that.  Contact us today at (404) 973-2455.  We will offer you a free consultation to determine the best plan of action.

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