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Besides the pain you experience what else does the injury imply to you? It means a great deal of monetary expenditure’s.  This may consist of repairing your car, lost incomes, a shock to your lifestyle, a significant inconvenience and long or brief periods of discomfort and pain. These are all a direct outcome of your injuries.

personal injury attorney atlantaIn addition to the injuries, there’s a long list of possible medical costs. For example: Doctor/Chiropractor, Prescription Drug Bills, Ambulance, Emergency Room Care, Hospital or Clinic, Specialist and/or Dentist, Laboratory Fees and Services, Diagnostic Tests, X-Rays and (CT) Scan, Prosthetic Appliances or Surgical Apparatus (Canes & Crutches), Physical Therapy, Registered and/or Practical Nurse Fees, Gauze and Tape and Ace Bandages.

The insurance company will need to pay for all of those costs.

You must be compensated by the insurance company for all of the above:

It’s true that an extremely little portion of motor vehicle mishaps cause big, major injuries.  This does not mean that you shouldn’t be paid big, serious dollars!

Evaluation from the insurance company doctor:

The Insurance Company Claims Adjuster will generally aim to pull a fast one insisting he wants you to be examined by the physician of his choice. This is not something you want to do.  Medical professionals appointed by the insurance provider are not really trustworthy.  You will need an unbiased physician to examine your injuries.

Be sure to schedule an examination as soon as possible.  Time is of the essence.

Your bodily injuries:

It’s a tested truth that the large majority of automobile mishaps trigger small injuries.  While bodily injury pain can easily be particularly measured the limitations of what you can sustain can not.  Everyone has a different “discomfort threshold”.  That is, the point at which we begin to feel physical pain.  The amount and quality of discomfort you feel is not strictly contingent on the physical injury caused. It has a lot to do with your previous experience and how well you remember it.  It also has to do with your capability to comprehend exactly what triggered you that discomfort, and its effects, the last time around.

A physical injury is bound to trigger some degree of mental distress.  The period and severity that relies on a variety of elements:

  • Your pain threshold
  • The ultimate repercussions of the injury you sustained
  • The life stresses or strengths you’re experiencing at the time of your injury

When it applies to muscle injuries there is one thing you should bear in mind.  When one section of the body demands rest (by sending out a discomfort signal) and – – without your even recognizing it – – you assist your body by placing a new problem on other muscles. It gets made complex because although those muscles might not have been directly injured in the accident.  They can still get buggered up and produce a lot of discomfort due to the fact that of their new role.


As you can see, there are a lot of mining parts here.  Speaking with a lawyer is the best course of action.  We at the AtlantaCarAccidentAttorney.Net are the best  personal injury attorney in Atlanta.  We offer an initial consultation free of charge.  Contact us if you have any questions.

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