Did you know about the lawyer who was commented by a judge?

There was this trending news recently which stated that a US judge was seen warning a lawyer for the way he has opened with the case. This incident is rarely seen in court rooms where a Judge steps in and warns a lawyer. The lawyer was taking over the case for the accused druglord “Joaquin El Capo Guzman”. In fact in his statement he bravely accused two of the Mexican Presidents to have taken bribes. These kinds of opening statement or open accusations are part of a brave move which is not easily witnessed in the court rooms these days.

The Lawyer’s Side

With the strategic arguments placed by Jeffrey Lichtman Lawyer the opposition did not stand a chance. The arguments led by the prosecutors went weak. They even tried to take out the defense lawyer’s opening statement by mentioning that the facts were not right and the argument was not proper. But the attorney was far ahead of all this. He urged the jury people and the judge to focus on the proof alone. He asked them to give importance to the submitted evidence which speaks a lot.

Jeffrey Lichtman Lawyer

The lawyer went on to say that the accused client was not the actual head of the drug deal. He said that the real leader is someone else and his client is being taken for is place. The lawyer also urged the jury to consider the bribery situation of the Mexican Presidents. Since they are part of a high government sector they should not be excused from such accusations.  He said that several millions of dollars were involved in the deal and hence there should be thorough investigation for it.

The Opposition

With the opening statement the lawyer placed, handing over accusations for the higher authorities of Mexican Government, the judge warned the lawyer. He said that they lawyer is taking it too far by bringing in serious accusations of the top officials of the government. When looking into the official’s side, they have all denied the statement. They said that they were never part of any such deal. They also mentioned that there was no bribe given or received from any side. All these accusations are false and are simply used to divert the case and to shift the blame on someone else. But the defense attorney said that the client has a brand and loves popularity. In fact there are even police officers who would love to get his autograph. The lawyer mentioned that the witnesses represented on the other side are not true, as they are only looking for a way to get out of jail.