Certifying a True Copy by a Toronto Notary Public

A true copy of your document can be certified by a Toronto, Ontario notary public. It is actually one of the services offered by notary publics in Ontario. The copy of your document that is going to be validated by a notary public must be accurate and readable. The Toronto notary public should first see the original document and examine it. Then S/he will compare the original document with a true photocopy so that S/he can make sure if the copy is one hundred percent the same. Then the Toronto notary public signs and seals your true copy, and you can submit it to the relevant organization.

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What Do You Need to Have Your True Copy Certified by a Toronto Notary Public?

You must have the original document with you when you go to a notary public office for certifying your true copy. A readable and accurate true copy is also required.

What Can’t a Notary Public Do for You in Toronto, Ontario?

A notary public usually does not provide legal advice for clients. Besides, they don’t prepare documents on your behalf. The solemn declaration, affirmation, documents notarization, oaths commissioning, and certifying a true copy are among the services a notary public provides in Toronto, Ontario.

What Is Certifying a True Copy of an Immigration Application by a Notary Public?

A person may need a true certified copy for many applications and documents several times. Especially for Canada’s immigration application, a true certified copy may be required after completing the form.

A True Certified Copy

A copy of one of your documents like those which state and confirm your identity based on the original one is called a true copy. Every aspect of your copy must match with the original document. If a true copy is certified by a notary public, many companies and organizations accept it as a valid document instead of the original one.

What Is a Certified Translation Done by a Toronto Notary Public?

In some application forms, such as Canadian application forms, you may need a certified translation, especially when the original form is not supposed to be given back to you. You may also have to submit your application form to different organizations and government agencies, and a certified translation of your application form makes it possible for you.

Toronto Notary Public

Who Can Certify a True Copy? 

Only people who are regulated and receive authority by the government can certify a true copy of your document. For example, a Toronto notary public is allowed to notarize and validate some of your certain true copies. A commissioner of oaths also can certify a true copy of some of your documents in Toronto, Ontario.

Different Types of Certified True Copies

A certified copy is sometimes issued by the government organization which has issued the original document itself. There is a traditional type of true copy that is certified by a professional such as a Toronto notary public.