Things That The Insurance Companies Do Not Want You To Know

If you have never dealt with insurance companies after you have been involved in a car accident, there are certain things that the insurance companies do not want you to know.  They want to prey on your ignorance on the matter to pay out as little as possible.  These are the five secrets that the insurance company does not want you to know.

  • Recorded statements
  • Insurance companies do not want you to get a lawyer
  • Tell your doctor about all injuries
  • Frivolous lawsuits
  • Honesty

Recorded statements

Recorded statements will hurt your claim.  The insurance company will try to get you to record a statement about the car accident.  This tactic will allow the insurance companies an “out,” or the ability to pay you less money.  Most people think that it will not hurt their case by recording a statement and giving it to the insurance company.  Some people also think that the have to give the insurance adjuster a recorded statement or they will not get their bills paid or their car fixed.  If you do give a recorded statement, contact a car accident lawyer in Atlanta GA first so they can educate you on the process, and also the car accident lawyer in Atlanta GA will let you know the car accident lawyer in atlanta gaquestions that you should not answer.

Recorded statements are dangerous because they are designed to be used against you.  The adjuster will ask questions like:

  • What injuries do you have?
    • If you leave out an injury, they will accuse you of lying.
  • Getting you to guess
    • They want you go make a guess on how the crash happened, then later use that statement against you.  They want to lock you into an answer before you know all of the facts.

Insurance companies do not want you to get a lawyer

The insurance companies keep a file on attorney competence and success, and they adjust the settlement offer based on this information.  If you try to handle the insurance settlement negotiation on your own, you will get a very low offer.  You will need to have an experienced attorney handling the negotiation.  They will be able to get the insurance company to raise their offer, or bring the case to court and let a jury decide.

Tell your doctor about all injuries

car accident lawyer in atlanta gaTell your doctor about all of your injuries on the first visit.  You need to tell the truth about all of the injuries sustained in the accident.  This is key to getting a fair settlement.  Let’s say you had a neck and arm injury, but the arm injury seemed minor at the time.  You did not mention the arm injury to the doctor.  Three weeks later the arm injury gets worse, and you finally tell your doctor.  He looks at it and determines that you need surgery.  The insurance company will say that you did not sustain the arm injury in the accident, but later on.  Because you waited, the insurance will blame that injury on anything but the accident.

Frivolous lawsuits

Insurance companies spend millions of dollars to make people think that lawsuits are frivolous.  They go out of their way to portray injury lawsuits as unnecessary, and a waste of time and energy.  The insurance companies want to give the impression that lawyers and the claimants are just out to make a profit on lawsuits.  This is definitely not the case.  They want the public to think that any lawsuit is frivolous.


The insurance company will not settle the case, if they think the injuries are being exaggerated.  They know they will win a case in which the claimant is being dishonest.  Juries reward claimants with legitimate injuries with handsome settlements.

You have rights if you are injured in a car accident.  You should contact a car accident lawyer in Atlanta GA so you can collect all monies that are owed to you.  We specialize in these types of cases and we will get you the money that you deserve.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

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