6 Things to Consider on the Cost of a Child Custody Lawyer

The question on how much a family law attorney cost is the first question to answer when you want to seek a legal help. The fees depend on the nature of your case and the types of fees that your lawyer charge. The following are 6 things to consider when determining how much it cost to hire a child custody lawyer.

 Child Custody Lawyer

  1. Consultation Fee

First, there is the consultation fee. Consultation is the first meeting for getting to know the Tulsa family attorney. It is the time to ask simple questions to let you know whether he the right person to hire. The consultation can be charged or free depending on the lawyer. You should check with the prospective attorney prior to going in for consultation.

  1. Fee Agreement

Next, there is the fee when the lawyer spend time working on your case. Flat fee agreement is common for simple cases that can be solved within a short time. Hourly fee agreement is applicable to more complex cases that require conducting legal research or attending the court trials. Referral fee is charged when the lawyer refer you to a different attorney that is more specialized in your area of family law. Retainer fee agreement requires the client to place a down payment. Hourly rate typically starts at the lower range of a few hundred dollars and the total cost of the case will be minimum a few thousands dollars.

  1. Child Custody Case Modification Fee

There may be a fee for modifying the child custody case. The modification can be free if the parents are agreeable. For example, if one parent has to move out of state to take up a job position, he can let the other spouse keep the child. On the other hand, if the modification is contested by the other spouse, there will be additional legal fees charged by the family law attorney.

  1. Who Will Pay for the Legal Fees of the Custody Case?

Each party is responsible for their own legal expenses. In certain circumstances, the court may order the richer spouse to pay for the legal expenses of the other party. This usually happen when there is a great financial disparity in between the two parties. The judge can also order the other party to cover a partial amount of the legal fees.

  1. Should You Hire a Child Custody Lawyer?

Child custody cases often involve fighting in between two parties over the custody of the children. It is regarded as a complicated case and involve a lot of emotions. These emotions can keep you from being objective and make mistakes when representing yourself at the court. A child custody lawyer can help you to take care of the case when your mind is not clear. He can prepare your claim, negotiate with your ex-spouse, and represent you in the court.

  1. How to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer?

When hiring a child custody lawyer, be sure to ask about the estimated costs upfront. Knowing the cost is important especially if it is a complex custody case. You may be qualified to apply for a legal aid in your state if you are faced with financial constraint to pay for a child custody lawyer. To avoid wasting money, always check the portfolio and see how many similar cases did the lawyer solve in the past. You can ask different lawyers you interview about the likely outcome of your case. This will help you to decide whether to spend money on hiring a lawyer to settle the divorce case out of court or to put in more money to take the case to court.